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We will help with the realization of your dream of an ideal life in your home. We will form and transfer everything to sketches, drawings and plans, add our unique vision and experience. We're working to make sure you want to come home because every detail in it is about you and for you.
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Author’s supervision, turnkey renovation
Idea and Concept
We will define the general idea and style of the future interior. Сhoose the main color scheme and finishing materials. An important stage in the development of a design project is the establishment of a technical assignment, where we will discuss basic needs and wishes of a customer.
Proceeding from the technical requirement and wishes we execute 3 options of planning solution in order to choose just the perfect option for you.
Based on the approved planning solution and selected finishing materials, furniture and decorative decisions, we develop visualization of all rooms in the required quantity to reflect all stylistic, structural and functional decisions.
Technical documentation
The design project is a complex solution for an organization of space, which includes a full set of plans, layouts, specifications that are necessary for the repair and construction work.
Integration and decoration
The key point in giving your home some finishing touches is the selection of all materials, furniture, lighting and appliances. Complete provision and control of delivery deadlines and quality of materials.
Author’s supervision, turnkey renovation
The author's personal control over the implementation of the project. Introduction of corrections and adjustments that arise during implementation. Advice from builders, adjustments of design solutions in the course of repair work. Attracting proven contractors and quality assurance of repair work. Handing over the object on a turnkey basis.
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